Ich musste es machen. For example, in Bavaria it’s more common to say ich bin gesessen I was sitting but in the rest of Germany it’s ich habe gesessen. Did you make the bed? My grandfather spoke German. Michaels Ordungsliebe ist erwacht.

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The Plusquamperfekt is used for an event that had already occurred before some other point in the past. Ich habe es gemacht. One of the more complex aspects of the perfect tenses in German is what to do when there are multiple verbs in a dependent clause. Damals hatten wir noch nie ein echtes Schloss gesehen. Du bist aber gewachsen! Generally, German does not allow two adjacent past participles in the same clause.

What has happened to Michael? Was ist mit Michael geschehen?

Perfekt – Perfect Tense in German Grammar

Hast du deine Hausaufgaben gemacht? Example Gestern hat Michael sein Büro aufgeräumt.

perfect tense of

Consider the following examples: I waited for 20 minutes! Ich habe meine Schwester in die Stadt gefahren.


perfect tense of

The point in the future must be specifically designated, otherwise we use the future perfect. We have the same difference in English, too.

Have you fallen asleep already? Paul was a hard-working student. Have you guys eaten?

They went to the movies on Saturday. At the time, we had never seen a real castle before.

The Present Perfect Tense (das Perfekt)

The first thing we need to talk about when learning to form the Perfekt is the difference between strong and weak verbs in German. All his colleagues have come into his office. Wir waren bis zur Brücke gekommenbevor uns einfiel, dass wir unser Geld vergessen hatten.

I drove my sister into trnse city. Tom had a party on Monday.

Perfekt – Perfect Tense in German Grammar

Strong Verbs form the past particple with mit ge…en. Luckily, there are a few rules for the usage of haben and sein in the German present perfect tense.

Hast du dein Zimmer auf ge räum t? Master the rules of conjugation for the perfect tense on Lingolia and get tips on when and how to use it. I had to do it. My grandfather spoke Kf. You will learn the other past tense the narrative or simple past tense in second-semester German.


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We use haben to conjugate the present perfect tenze Ich bin in die Stadt gefahren. Ich habe es gemacht. For example, in Bavaria it’s more common to say ich bin gesessen I was sitting but in the rest of Germany it’s ich habe gesessen. Your first instinct will be to translate every Perfekt statement in German with the perfect tense in English: Did you make the bed?

The Perfect Tenses

Most perfet take habenbut some of the ones that take sein are pretty common. Das Büro hat sich verändert. Bis nächste Woche hat er das bestimmt wieder vergessen. Ich musste es machen.